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Post  Admin on Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:44 pm

Allah The Muslim name for God
Arabic The language that the Qur'an is written in.
Bismallah Stands for ; In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate.
Eid ul-Adha Festival of sacrifice
Eid ul-Fitr Festival at end of Ramadam
Hajj The pilgrimage to Makkah
Hajji A person who has made the pilgrimage
Halal Permitted, right
Haram Not allowed - prohibited by God
Ihram A symbol of purity/ simple clothes in white
Imam The leader of the worship in a mosque
Islam The Muslim religion, means, submitting to God
Ka'aba The central shrine in Makka or Makkah
Kiswa The black cloth covering the Ka'aba A new one is made each year
Koran Qur'an. The Muslim holy book
Mirhab An arch in the mosque showing the direction of Makkah
Minbar The pulpit in a mosque, often three steps
Mu'adhdhin The person to call Muslims to prayer
Muhammad Muhammed/The prophet or messenger from God
PBUH Peace be upon him (Muhammad)
Prophet A messenger from God/Religious teacher
Qibla The direction of prayer
Qur'an The Muslim sacred book
Rak'a The positions for prayers
Ramadam The ninth (fasting) month
Salat Ritual prayers (five times each day)
Saum The Fast
Sura A chapter of the Qur'an
Wudu The washing ritual to prepare for prayer
Zakat Charity money/alms/tax


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